Problems with Zimmer Hip Implants

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Published: 04th July 2012
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The Zimmer hip implants are used in hip replacement surgeries to give patients relief from problems of hipbone. Zimmer offers a minimally invasive solution through many Zimmer Hip components. They have been developed as per requirements for minimally invasive surgery. Zimmer MIS Solutions are designed to facilitate implantation through a smaller incision so that muscles and tendons around the hip are not damaged. These hip components are used to give patients a relaxed and better life.

Zimmer Hip Products

Zimmer manufactures different hip components for implant. They are used as per requirement. Some of them are as follows. Your orthopedic surgeon will choose which hip is best for you.

Zimmer M/L Taper Hip Prosthesis

It comes with Kinectiv Technology. It helps doctors to adjust the hipbone to fit the implant. This implant has four parts so it is easy for doctors to use a hip component, which suits the patient best.

The Fitmore Hip Stem

It enables the surgeon to use minimally invasive (MIS) techniques. MIS helps a patient to recover fast without damaging hip muscles and tendons. It also prevents large scarring and provides rapid stability of the implant.

Continuum Acetabular system

The Continuum hip system helps in customizing hip replacement as per individual needs. This system uses Trabecular Metal technology. It uses three-dimensional material, which is similar to spongy bones. It has high rate of stability and provides faster in growth to make implant more stable.

Metasul Metal-on-Metal articulation

Hip replacements with this product is long lasting. It is made of forged metal. It has lower rate of wear thus is more durable.

Considerations before a hip replacement

Doctors decide to give patient a hip implant based on his condition. Following conditions are taken into consideration before deciding a hip implant.

Thigh Pain

Patients are given implants to reduce thigh pain. There may be pain after surgery but it gives relief from long-term pain. This thigh pain occurs due to hip diseases. The replacement of hip joint relieves the patient from acute pain, which troubles him for long. Zimmer implants are designed so that they do not cause pinching pain after surgery and provides for a smooth operation.

Leg Length

A hip implant can cause difference in leg length of patient. Zimmer products have variety, which helps to maintain the normal leg length of the patient. A surgeon can choose from different options available. Zimmer comes in both offset and short neck hip stems to adjust with anatomy of every type of patient.

Bone Preservation

While implanting a hip doctor has to take care that it augments the bone growth and stops loss of bone. If an implant relieves bone from every stress, it could lead to bone loss. Bones also need stimulation to stay in shape. An implant should also not overburden the bone, otherwise it can cause damage to the bone. Zimmer implants are designed as such to provide balanced support to the bone.

Bone Loss (Osteolysis)

If a proper implant is not used, then hard metal of implant can damage bones. It could also lead to infections. The metal can damage the polyethylene sockets causing polyethylene debris scattering in the body. It leads immune system to attack the bone tissues around the implant. This is known as osteolysis. Thus a proper hip implant should be chosen to avoid this condition.


Other consideration while choosing a hip implant is stability and optimal fit of the implant. A right implant can give stability and allow patients to have maximum range of motions.

Lifetime of Implant

Lifetime of an implant depends upon the physical condition activity level of patient. No hip implant lasts for the lifetime. They too need replacement after a period of time. It is decided after proper monitoring of the functioning of the implant.

Above-mentioned factors govern the decision of using a hip implant in a patient.
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