Medical Tourism in Argentina

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Published: 26th June 2015
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Of all the countries in Latin America, Argentina is one of the most popular destinations for medical tourism. Itís also the most popular in terms of general tourism because of its gorgeous scenery and beautiful atmosphere. The hi-tech health care system in Argentina, along with exceptionally skilled medical practitioners, have taken medical tourism to the country to a whole new level in the last decade. Many health clinics within the country are opening for the primary reason of medical tourism and are staffed by doctors trained at top universities from around the world.

Medical Treatments in Argentina

There is a variety of procedures, treatments and surgeries available to medical tourists which include Ė but are not limited to: plastic and cosmetic surgery, addiction treatment, dialysis, eye surgery, hair transplantation, gastric bypass and other forms of weight loss surgery, Nephrology and neurological surgery. Argentinaís highly trained and experienced medical professionals are very effective at handling emergency care and medical researchers in Argentina have made remarkable progress in the field of heart disease and several forms of cancer. As a medical tourist to Argentina, you have access to both private and public hospitals.

Costs of Medical Procedures

You canít beat the cost of medical care in Argentina, for instance, a facelift in the United States costs approximately $15,000 and in Argentina, the same procedure will cost $5,000. Another popular procedure in Argentina is fertility treatments. Typical cost of infertility treatments in the United States can run over $75,000, yet in Argentina the same procedure costs on average $15,000. Costs will vary depending on physician and hospital, the above examples are an average only.

Benefits of Medical Tourism to Argentina

Cost: The cost of medical care in Argentina is especially low when compared to that of Europe and North America. Because of the lower cost of medical care, as well as the highly skilled specialist in the field, Argentina has become a favored destination for elective cosmetic and plastic surgeries. Low costs in the fields of cosmetic dentistry and IVF treatments as well as all other medical treatments do not mean you are compromising the standard of care offered.
Language: While Spanish is the official language of Argentina, Italian, English, German and French are also widely spoken within the country. Medical tourists to Argentina will find that many of the medical professionals speak English, however should they find that an interpreter is needed, than one will be provided.
Recovery: While recovering from medical procedures they can take time to see the breathtaking vistas and absorb the incredible culture found in Argentina.
Location: Because Argentina is in the southern hemisphere, many medical tourists go to Argentina during their winter months at home Ė which are summer months in Argentina. Many of Argentinaís cities were built by European immigrants, giving this Latin America country a distinct European feel.
Modern Facilities: Due, in part, to the popularity of medical tourism, you will find modern, state of the art facilities offering up to date technologies, procedures, treatments and surgeries.
Recovery: Argentina doctors, hospitals and clinics offer the most relaxing and comfortable recovery period with a focus on after care.
Things to Know

Because Argentina is a beautiful country offering a vast array of scenic tourism, as well as being in the southern hemisphere, itís become a particular favorite destination for medical tourism, but there are things to remember when traveling to Argentina as a medical tourist:

Americans and Europeans do not need a Visa to enter Argentina
Tourists and Medical Tourists are welcome in Argentina for up to three months
The Argentine Peso has been weaker than the American Dollar and the British Pound making the country very affordable Ė this includes medical care.
The official language in Argentina is Spanish, however many in Argentina are also fluent in English. Translator services are available for medical tourists.
Argentina has a population of over 41 million people, because of congestion within the larger cities such as Buenos Aires, transportation by bus is recommended.

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