Benefits Of Biking

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Published: 17th August 2015
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Medical professionals and health experts the world over agree that regular exercise is beneficial to our mind, body and spirit. However, in surveys conducted, many people find that walking on a walk path, home exercise routines and even going to a gym become tedious and boring and many reduce or discontinue their routines simply because their minds are not engaged during the process of exercise. One way to combat such boredom is through biking.

Three ways to Bike Away Boredom:

Exercise Stationary Bikes - either at home or at the gym. At first one might think that a stationary bike is more boring and less engaging to the mind than other forms of exercise. However, with many of todays' stationary bikes, you can read a book or magazine while biking or even listen to music or watch television to catch up on news and local events. Stationary bikes also allow you to adjust the resistance and be adapted for your specific needs.
Bicycling - The use of a bicycle outdoors in your city or town -is a great way to add a regular exercise routine to your day. With your bicycle, you can run errands, visit with friend and see the beauty of nature. By alternating routes, you can increase or decrease the difficulty as needed.
Mountain Biking - is fast rising in popularity. For more active people who find that riding a bike around town isn't challenging enough, mountain biking is for you. There are many locations across the country where mountain bike trails have been blazed and the challenges to both mind and body are more than enough to overcome any boredom a regular exercise routine a gym may offer.
Say Goodbye to Boring Gym Routines

Cyclist and health experts both agree that biking is less of a physical challenge than lifting weights and other forms of exercise, yet they agree that it is as beneficial as any other fitness regimen. By spending time in the outdoors on a bicycle, you are less likely to become bored with your exercise routine and the natural surroundings and fresh air are greatly beneficial to your health.

Routine and Route

Because biking provides more options in terms of your route, it creates and enthusiasm which in turn creates routine. By making your biking route random each time, you are challenging yourself and create a feeling of accomplishment and well-being. By alternating your route, you can learn new areas of your city, meet like-minded individuals as well as alter your resistance levels and test your muscular strength and overall fitness.

Biking Benefits

Biking provides a comprehensive cardiovascular workout as well as stretches your muscle fibers and boosts your metabolism. A higher metabolism allows you to burn more calories and promotes weight loss and muscle tone. Resistance biking is ideal for those looking to sculpt the lower body muscles such as: thighs, waist, lower abdomen and buttocks. As an added benefit, biking works on the lower back muscles and abdominal muscles which are the muscles which define your gait, posture and balance.

In addition to physical fitness benefits, biking promotes mental health. A morning bike ride allows you to gear up for the work day ahead and for some, that bike ride is their morning commute. A ride in the afternoon or evening can allow you to let go of the stresses of the work day and other issues that are causing undo stress on you. Bicycling can also be a bonding activity where you can invite your friends or family to go along with you. If you have been struggling to fit-in your exercise regimen and family-time in your daily schedule, biking is the perfect platform to bond with your family and exercise at the same time!

Building Up

In terms of getting started with a new exercise regimen, biking is perhaps the easiest option. You can start with something as basic as 15 to 20 minutes of biking every alternate day. Within two weeks, you should have the stamina to bike for the same duration, every day. Slowly, you can progress towards longer bike rides, trying greater resistance levels and biking in more challenging landscapes.

Bike Buying Basics

The niche of bicycles has evolved significantly in the last decade. Today, you can customize an bike according to your physical limitations and fitness goals. You can easily find bikes where you can adjust the seating position, handle bars, gears and resistance levels as per your preference. Bicycles - including exercise stationary bikes - are available in a variety of price ranges to accommodate all budgets.

When choosing your, focus upon proven, time-tested brands. You should never compromise your comfort at the time of choosing a bike. A comfortable ride is the first step towards enjoying biking and benefiting from it. For more information visit:

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